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CRACRC Career Satisfaction
Author:  Elizabeth
Date:  01-24-18 01:17pm
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I'm a CRA at a cancer center and my job description probably fits more into the description of a CRC depending on who you ask. I work at a small center so I've had a lot of exposure to different things and I've learned a lot. I enjoy my job but have been considering the future a lot recently and I don't many others within my career particularly with a similar background. I have a BS and an MSc in Cancer Biology. I love learning about how the human body works and am a very curious person. I am beginning to worry that this career path may lack the opportunity for learning and scientific knowledge. It seems to be a lot of administrative work. Is this other people's experience? Do others hunger for more science? Has anyone moved on to a PhD or MD because of this? Any career suggestions?
Thanks for any insight

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  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader Feb 08, 2018, 07:51AM
    Re: CRACRC Career Satisfaction   Log In to Report Post
   Yes definetly! I think you're very perceptive to have picked up on this. After grad school I'd become so familiar with the compliance/regulatory aspects of human subjects research, I joined the CRO world because it seemed like a natural transition. However for certain it's focused more on the administration & management of ongoing scientific investigations & honestly the day to day can be quite tedious. I'm very far removed from any innovation, analysis, or discovery. Also, this never gets mentioned, but large pharmas are extremely conservative & they generally don't take risks. On the inside they're not very innovative or interesting places to work IMHO, for someone who's super into scientific discovery, analysis, or tech. They typically buy their intellectual property (patented drug compounds) from start ups or biotech... companies with whom Wall Street IS comfortable with taking risks.

So DEFINITELY if you're interested in super cool science I'd focus on PhD/MD, & if you do go into industry I'd stick with SilconValley start ups or biotechs!

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