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USA- H1B Visa for clinical project managers
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Author:  TN
Date:  09-04-17 04:38am
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I am Senior Project Manager at one of the big CROs, having a PhD and 8 years of experience, mainly in oncology. For the past 7 years I have managed the medical imaging side of study (being a functional lead). Recently I also took over line management for 3 direct reports (project managers as well). My next step would be to become a Global Project Manager.

For private reasons I plan to move to the USA (SF bay area) in about one year time, hoping to get a H1-B visa. I am german.
Does somebody has a knowledge of how difficult it will be to find a company willing to sponsor the VISA? I am "only" managing the Medical Imaging part in my current role. This is almost as complex as the full study, but not many employers are seeing it the same way. I applied for global PM positions in the past in Germany and often got the feedback that I am too specialized already and miss that I have worked as a CRA.
I am currently in the application process for a position as Medical Advisor in a big Pharma company (in Germany as well, I had 2 interviews already and they indicated already that they invite me for the third one as well). Although I would love to work as Medical Advisor, I am not sure whether it would be an advantage to change my job now. Maybe staying in project management and gain more experience in line management as well, might be better for a transition to the USA?
Any advise would be really helpful for me as I may have to decide for the Medical Advisor job soon.
On a private side I have 2 kids (3 and 6 years old by the time we plan to move) and I am also concerned how difficult it will be to manage professional and private life with a US position.
I suspect my changes to transition within my CRO to the US are quite small for PM positions.

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