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Medpace Non-Compete
Author:  Anonymous Medzilla Reader
Date:  05-31-16 01:59pm
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Looking to break into clinical research management. Medpace trains entry level CRAs w/o direct clinical research experience, which is very rare for CROs. BUT, I have heard rumor that their non-compete is poorly written/vague, applies to voluntary & involuntary termination, and the scope of it is almost all encompassing - not just CROs. (i.e. it would completely derail your career)

Does anyone know if their non-compete has changed at all? (Less restricive?")

Are there any ex-medpacers here that can weigh in on their experience with the non-compete? Did the NC agreement hold up when you left? Did it cause problems for you when applying for new positions?

Are there any current employees here with some insight?

Fill that difficult position NOW

  Author: Potential CRA Feb 22, 2017, 12:54PM
    Re: Medpace Non-Compete   Log In to Report Post
   Post from 5-31-16 did you end up working for Medpace? I am also curious about the non-compete contract.
  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader Jun 02, 2016, 07:25AM
    Re: Medpace Non-Compete   Log In to Report Post
   Non compete agreements can't bar you from seeking employment with another company. They make it so you can't go out and start your own company. Every company that I've worked for has had a non-compete, but I've still been able to go out and get a job.

When that question is on a application, I check No.
  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader Jun 01, 2016, 11:56AM
    Re: Medpace Non-Compete   Log In to Report Post
   Yeah, so Medpace is in Ohio, which is definitely a "right to work" state. However, every time I go though an application with a CRO or big device/pharma, there is always a section that asks "Have you signed a non-compete agreement?"

So, I imagine being obligated to check "yes" (even if the state is "right to work") will have a negative impact on your chances against other individuals w/o a non-compete on their paperwork. It's just worrisome to me. And trying to drag something out in court would be a nightmare.

Anyone have thoughts? Experience?
  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader Jun 01, 2016, 04:39AM
    Re: Medpace Non-Compete   Log In to Report Post
   Not a med pacer, but non-compete agreements are generally non-enforceable in "right to work" states such as Pennsylvania. Not sure about other states.

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